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Architectural Engineering

In architectural engineering, faculty conduct research in acoustics, airflow and thermal modeling, energy conservation, indoor air quality, and thermal comfort.

Ralph Muehleisen
Adjunct Associate Professor
Expertise: Radiative transfer in room acoustics, acoustic properties of porous media, temperature growth in thermoacoustic heat engines, thermoacoustic-Stirling heat engines and refrigerators, photoacoustic gas analysis, fractal methods for room acoustics.

Mark Snyder
Senior Lecturer
Expertise: Engineering education; improving student abstraction capability, study of student motivation, development of improved concept delivery methods and understanding misconceptions.  Expertise in thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics as applied to architectural engineering design problems.  Lighting analysis and design of large spaces.

Brent Stephens
Assistant Professor
Expertise: Fate and transport of indoor pollutants, building energy and environmental measurements, HVAC filtration, human exposures to airborne pollutants, energy efficient buildings, energy and environmental policy.