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Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering research areas include air pollution, energy and sustainability, hazardous waste engineering, indoor air quality, and wastewater engineering.

Paul Anderson
Associate Professor
Expertise: Biosolids mineralization, trace element geochemistry, physical-chemical processes in water and wastewater treatment, watershed management, industrial ecology education

Demetrios Moschandreas
Professor and Director, Environmental Engineering Program
Expertise:  Air Quality Transportt, exposure analysis, risk assessment, indoor air quality, environmental Index theory and application, sustainable environmental development

Kenneth Noll
Expertise:  Design of air pollution control devices, study of atmospheric aerosols, VOC emissions from wastewater treatment plants, physical and chemical changes and fates of toxic air

Krishna Pagilla
Expertise:  Water and wastewater engineering, environmental microbiology, biological nutrient control, soil remediation, sludge treatment.

Brent Stephens
Assistant Professor
Expertise: Fate and transport of indoor pollutants, building energy and environmental measurements, HVAC filtration, human exposures to airborne pollutants, energy efficient buildings, energy and environmental policy