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Solids & Structures

The solids and structures group employs experimental, analytical, and computational techniques to study the behavior of conventional and advanced materials (including biological) at the nano-, micro-, and macroscales. Experimental facilities include a new dynamic testing lab equipped with state-of-the-art data acquisition systems. Current research focuses on topology and rate effects in cellular solids, thermomechanical coupling in high-rate deformation processes, micromechanics of composites, modeling of nanoscale composite structures subjected to thermal cycling, and biomechanics.

Roberto A. Cammino
Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering
Expertise: Solid Mechanics

Michael R. Gosz
Associate Professor of Mechanical & Materials Engineering; Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
Expertise: Computational Solid Mechanics; Finite Element Method

Kevin P. Meade
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Expertise: Orthopaedic Biomechanics; Elasticity; Fracture Mechanics

Sudhakar E. Nair
Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Aerospace Engineering; Professor of Applied Mathematics
Expertise: Analysis of Elastic and Inelastic Structures; Micro-Mechanics of Composites; Wave Propagation in Anisotropic Materials; Moving Boundary Problems of the Stefan Type; Dynamics of Cables

Murat Vural
Associate Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Expertise: Experimental Solid Mechanics; Dynamic Response and Constitutive Modeling of Materials; Mechanics of Cellular Solids