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Research Centers

Fluid Dynamics Research Center
The Fluid Dynamics Research Center, directed by Professor David Williams, has earned national and international recognition. In 1986, the Department of Defense designated it a National Center of Excellence. It is the site of the National Diagnostic Facility, a state-of-the-art wind tunnel that is unique in its combination of speed, length, and flow quality. Research carried out by the fluid dynamics faculty addresses a number of areas including fluid instabilities and transition to turbulence, unsteady separated flows, jet engine acoustics, fluid/structure interactions, and turbulent boundary layers.

Thermal Processing Technology Center
The Thermal Processing Technology Center focuses on thermal processing of metallic materials. In conjunction with IITRI's unique heat treatment facility, the Center combines the strength of the MMAE faculty in material processing, metallurgy, and process control with IIT's well equipped laboratories. The Thermal Processing Technology Center provides a mechanism whereby high-quality basic and applied research of interest to industry is performed cost-effectively.