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2017 MMAE Student Research Poster Competition and Departmental Awards

The annual MMAE Student Research Poster Competition was held on March 24, 2017 in Rettaliata Engineering Center. Twenty three MMAE students, representing all degree levels, presented posters in the competition displaying the research work they have completed. Posters were judged by a panel of judges including members from the MMAE External Advisory Board and industry. The top scoring presenters from each academic level were awarded a certificate and monetary prize. Also, MMAE Department presented departmental student awards to the best teaching and research assistants and recognized faculty for their contributions to research and teaching. Congratulations to the following winners:


First Place – Brigitte Temple (ME, 4th year) and Prof. Spenko – "Developing Dust Mitigation Capabilities for Electrostatic Dry Adhesive Pads"


First Place – Ryan Cassel (M.S. MAE Candidate) and Prof. Pervan – "Multi-Constellation Integrity Monitoring"


First Place – Mateos Kassa (Ph.D MAE Candidate) and Prof. Hall – "Fuel Distribution Control on Advanced Dual-Fuel Internal Combustion Engine"
Second Place – Maziar Ashuri (Ph.D MSE Candidate) and Prof. Shaw – "Enhancement of the Electrochemical Performance of Silicon/Graphite Nanocomposite Anodes through Selective Etching"
Third Place – Joshua McCarley (Ph.D MSE Candidate) and Prof. Tin – "Comparative Study of High Temperature Grain Boundary Engineering of Two Powder Processed Low Stacking Fault Energy Ni-Based Superalloys"

Departmental Student Awards:

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award – Liangjuan Gao
Outstanding Research Assistant Award – Yan Lu and Mateos Kassa
Fear Fellowship – Wengxiang Zhao

Departmental faculty awards:

2017 MMAE Excellence in Teaching AwardProf. Spenko
2017 MMAE Excellence in Research AwardProf. Datta-Barua and Prof. Srivastava