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Advising PIN (required for registration each semester)

Each academic unit issues the Advising PIN required for registration in the first semester of student enrollment at Illinois Tech.

First Semester of Enrollment:

The new student should request and obtain the PIN from their academic adviser (via Email to the adviser) from the time he/she is notified of the advisor assignment and up to the add/drop date of their first semester. If a problem occurs with obtaining the PIN, the student should contact the BME Department Administrator ( and the BME Department Chair ( If the student is not notified about who their advisor is by the first week of classes, the student should also contact the BME Department.

Continuing Semesters of Enrollment:

The PIN will be displayed in the myIIT portal, on the "IIT Personal ID Numbers" channel located under the Welcome tab. If a problem occurs with obtaining the PIN, the student should contact the BME Department Administrator ( and the BME Department Chair (

Graduate Academic Advising

Graduate students are required to complete a mandatory advising session with the graduate academic  (or co-terminal) adviser.  The GP Graduate (Program) Advising Hold becomes active before the next semester of registration opens for:

  • Co-terminal students in the first semester of graduate co-terminal enrollment
  • Traditional masters students at 9 earned or enrolled credits
  • Doctoral students at 18 earned or enrolled credits
  • The hold prevents registration before the following semester until lifted by the adviser
  • The mandatory advising session is required for the student to clear the registration hold

From the first week before the semester starts and up to the registration period of each semester, the graduate student will request (via Email to the adviser) an advising appointment with his/her adviser. This appointment will be completed before or during the registration period of each semester.

If the academic adviser does not respond within 3 business days from the request, or is not available for an advising appointment during a certain semester, the student should notify the BME department administration ( and and provide his/her CWID number so that another faculty member can be appointed to meet with the student.

Co-TERMINAL Process for Removing Hold
Graduate Academic Advising for CO-TERMINAL student's registration hold will be removed when the student submits the declaration of co- terminal shared and non-shared courses in eForms, after it is approved by the co- terminal (graduate) advisor, academic unit and Graduate Academic Affairs which will lift the hold. You will need to see your advisor for shared and non-shared course advising. Please refer to the "Co-Terminal Program Advising" hyperlink below on this advising web page.

IIT Europe Partnership Students
Dr. John Georgiadis, Chair of the Biomedical Engineering Department will meet one on one with all  IIT Europe students for program advising. The shared masters program will be explained, courses will be chosen, and a recommendation of a faculty advisor for the International Research Project that is in line with your area of interest will be made.  Please refer to the "International Partner Research Project" (INIP) hyperlink below on this advising web page.

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