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The mission of the ChBE Department is to meet the present and future needs of society and industry by providing state-of-the-art education and research programs.

The undergraduate program in chemical engineering provides students with an excellent foundation in chemical and biological engineering fundamentals that allows them to prepare for careers in professional practice and/or for advanced studies. We expect our graduates to meet the challenges associated with their individual career paths and possess the skills necessary for success in the workplace. The educational objectives of our undergraduate program are to produce graduates who will:

  • Employ their technical, problem solving, analytical thinking, and communication skills to contribute to society in any field where they are professionally active.
  • Act with a strong commitment to the safe and ethical practice of their profession by being aware of the technical, environmental, societal, and economic impact of their work.
  • Effectively communicate (through both oral and written communication) with other professionals and the general public.
  • Constantly innovate throughout their careers to add value to our economy, environment and society by addressing key challenges that confront us.
  • Facilitate collaborative team building and interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving.
  • Provide effective leadership to the profession and community.

Today, the department conducts research in numerous areas including significant research activities through its four interdisciplinary research centers:

  • The Center for Electrochemical Science and Engineering
  • The Energy + Power Center
  • The Center of Excellence in Polymer Science and Engineering
  • The Particle Technology and Crystallization Center

The implementation of this mission is annually presented to and reviewed by the Advisory Committee for Chemical and Biological Engineering (ACChBE), formed of members of industry and academia, who meet annually to advise the department in its plans for each academic year.