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Interdisciplinary Programs

Energy/Environment/Economics (E3)

The Energy/Environment/Economics (E3) program was developed to respond to the rapidly changing needs of the energy industry by providing the interdisciplinary research and training required to produce a new breed of engineer - one who specializes in energy technologies and who understands the associated environmental and sustainability issues and economic forces that drive technology choice.

The E3 specialization requires an interdisciplinary thesis in an E3 area of research for M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, and an interdisciplinary graduate project or additional energy and sustainability courses for professional master’s degrees. Graduate students in E3 should also be enrolled in fundamental courses related to the topics of energy, environment, and economics. E3 is designed primarily for students majoring in engineering, who are planning careers in energy-related fields. This interdisciplinary training prepares students to be not only creative and expert in a specialized area of energy extraction, conversion, or utilization, but also to possess a broad knowledge base of different energy sources, of sustainability issues related to energy extraction, conversion, and utilization, and of the impact of sustainability principles on the design and operation of energy systems. Furthermore, students will gain sufficient knowledge of sustainability and regulatory issues to enable them to make more viable technology choices.