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Obama Science Advisor to Give Lecture on Climate Change

President Barack Obama’s science and technology adviser, John P. Holdren, will deliver a lecture on climate change Thursday at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Holdren served as Obama’s adviser from January 2009 to...

Natacha DePaola, Carol and Ed Kaplan Armour College Dean of Engineering, will be inaugurated today as chair of the Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) at the 2017 GEDC Conference in Toronto. She will serve in the position through late 2019. This role will provide DePaola with the...

Chair of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Professor of Chemical Engineering at Armour College of Engineering, Sohail Murad, spoke to CBS 2 about how the ingredients in sunscreen begin to break down and become ineffective after their expiration dates have passed.


Upcoming Events

Nov 7
November 7, 2018 - 3:15pm to 4:30pm
Perlstein Hall Auditorium 10 West 33rd Street Chicago, IL 60616 - Chemical and Biological Engineering
Upcoming Seminars

January 17, 2018, Dr. David V.P. Sanchez, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Pittsburgh

January 24, 2018, Professor Phil Stewart, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Montana State University

January 31, 2018,  Nancy Kawalek, University of Chicago

February 14, 2018, Ben Freireich, Technical Director of PSRI

ChBE Faculty Members Awarded/Elected

Hamid Arastoopour Elected as 2016 National Academy of Inventors Fellow

Darsh Wasan Named Recipient of 2016 Elsvier PTF Lifetime Achievement Award

ChBE Introduced a New Pilot Course for Fall 2017 -  "Preparing for Life Beyond a Career"

Preparing for Life Beyond a Career is a pilot course designed to help introduce Illinois Tech graduate chemical engineering students to the six experiences, determined by Gallup, linked to life preparedness, learning, caring, goal setting, collaboration, experience and activity.

ChBE Fall 2017 Enrollment Is Up

Graduate students enrollment 97

Undergraduate students enrollment 142