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Advanced Materials

The department has long been recognized, nationally and internationally, for expertise of its faculty in particle technology, fluidization, and transport and interfacial phenomena. Research activities in these areas occur through a number of research centers: Center of Excellence in Polymer Science and Engineering (CEPSE), Center for Electrochemical Science and Engineering (CESE) and Particle Technology and Crystallization Center (PTCC). In recent years, faculty have embarked on research in emerging areas, such as nanomaterials, complex fluids, nanofluids, molecular modeling, novel catalysts and membranes for fuel cells and batteries.

Examples of the research interests of individual faculty in advanced materials are:

Sohail Murad
Professor of Chemical Engineering
Expertise: Molecular modeling of complex materials for selective water, ion and gas transport with applications to separations

Victor Perez-Luna
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
Expertise: Surface chemistry, nanomaterials, biomaterials and biosensors

Jay Schieber
Professor of Chemical Engineering
Expertise: Molecular and multi-scale modeling of complex fluids; transport phenomena in polymers

David Venerus
Professor of Chemical Engineering
Expertise: Transport phenomena in complex fluids; polymer rheology and processing

Darsh Wasan
Distinguished Motorola Chair Professor of Chemical Engineering and Vice President for International Affairs
Expertise: Foams, emulsions and nanoparticle suspensions; wetting, spreading and adhesion of nanofluids