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CAE 515 - Building Information Modeling Applications for Building Performance

Course Title: 

Building Information Modeling Applications for Building Performance

Course Description: 

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is at the core of building performance optimization and sustainability, making it possible to model performance while tracking construction of the building in sequence. This course builds essential knowledge of building performance optimization using BIM processes and provides the necessary background and skills to use BIM with building energy simulation software tools. Autodesk Revit with Insight will be used as the primary design authoring, manipulation, and analysis tool. Secondary Autodesk BIM tools such as Formit for building massing and orientation; recap for existing conditions capturing; Navisworks for interference checking and design collaboration; revit Live for Virtual Reality visualizations and presentations; and BIM 360 Ops for facility management and operation will also be used in class. Proven methods for using BIM to address essential building performance and sustainability issues will be presented using real-world examples, placing particular emphasis on using BIM for analysis of design alternatives for the life cycle of a building. Complete with coverage of sustainability, integrated design, and lean construction requirements, this is a valuable course for architects, architectural engineers, MEP engineers, facility managers, and other construction professionals involved in building performance modeling and optimization.