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CAE 550 - Applied Building Energy Modeling

Course Title: 

Applied Building Energy Modeling

Course Description: 

This course introduces students to building energy modeling software and techniques that are widely used in industry applications. The course is practice-oriented and builds upon building energy modeling methods as they are practiced in engineering offices (using IES<VE> software). The course centers on the two most common types of energy models in practice: (1) models for LEED and code compliance, and (2) parametric models for evaluating energy conservation measures. During the first half of the course, students will learn modeling methods and assumptions to create an energy model of an actual building project for the LEED Energy and Atmosphere credit with all supporting documents required for LEED submission. In the second half of the course, students will learn to analyze energy conservation measures using parametric energy models. The course will also focus on advanced energy modeling topics, such as modeling HVAC systems and controls, passive techniques, composite fenestration, thermal bridges, thermal mass, and others. At the end of the course, students will have two complete energy models that they can use in their portfolio.




[(CAE 513 with min. grade of C)]