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ECE 485 - Computer Organization and Design

Course Title: 

Computer Organization and Design

Course Description: 

This course provides the students with understanding of the fundamental concepts of computer architecture, organization, and design. It focuses on relationship between hardware and software and its influence on the instruction set and the underlying Central Processing Unit (CPU). The structural design of the CPU in terms of datapath and control unit is introduced. The technique of pipelining and hazard management are studied. Advanced topics include instruction level parallelism, memory hierarchy and cache operations, virtual memory, parallel processing, multiprocessors and hardware security. The end to end design of a typical computer system in terms of the major entities including CPU, cache, memory, disk, I/O, and bus with respect to cost/performance trade-offs is also covered. Differentiation between ECE 485 and ECE 585 is provided via use of projects / case studies at differing levels. (3-0-3) Undergraduate students can only be admitted to ECE 485 Graduate students can only be admitted to ECE 585






[(ECE 218 with min. grade of D and ECE 242 with min. grade of D)]