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MMAE 522 - Nuclear, Fossil-Fuel, and Sustainable Energy Systems

Course Title: 

Nuclear, Fossil-Fuel, and Sustainable Energy Systems

Course Description: 

Principles, technology, and hardware used for conversion of nuclear, fossil-fuel, and sustainable energy into electric power will be discussed. Thermodynamic analysis -- Rankine cycle. Design and key components of fossil-fuel power plants. Nuclear fuel, reactions, materials. Pressurized water reactors (PWR). Boiling water reactors (BWR). Canadian heavy water (CANDU) power plants. Heat transfer from the nuclear fuel elements. Introduction to two phase flow: flow regimes; models. Critical heat flux. Environmental effects of coal and nuclear power. Design of solar collectors. Direct conversion of solar energy into electricity. Wind power. Geothermal energy. Energy conservation and sustainable buildings. Enrichment of nuclear fuel. Nuclear weapons and effects of the explosions.