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MMAE 590 - Applications in Reliability Engineering II

Course Title: 

Applications in Reliability Engineering II

Course Description: 

This is the second part of a two-course sequence emphasizing the importance of positively impacting reliability during the design phase and the implications of not making reliability an integrated engineering function. Much of the subject matter is designed to allow the students to understand the risks associated with a design and provide the insight to reduce these risks to an acceptable level. The student gains an understanding of the methods available to measure reliability metrics and develops an appreciation for the impact manufacturing can have on product performance if careful attention is not paid to the influencing factors early in the development process. The discipline of software reliability is introduced, as well as the influence that maintainability has on performance reliability. The sequence culminates in an exhaustive review of the lesson plans in a way that empowers practicing or future engineers to implement their acquired knowledge in a variety of functional environments, organizations and industries. The group project for this class is a continuation of the previous course, with an emphasis on applying the tools and techniques introduced during this second of two courses. Prerequisite: Undergraduate engineering degree or concurrent enrollment in undergraduate engineering program or consent of instructor.