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Student-Led Projects

Step into the engineering spotlight by taking part in Student-Led Projects. Submit a proposal about a project you think might add to your engineering knowledge—and you may end up getting funding to attend a convention or purchase parts to build a product to enter into a competition. Student-Led Projects are supported by a faculty advisor for the team and require a certain time commitment by the team involved as well as clearly defined goals for each team member. So look around and see which challenge facing society that you may want to tackle. And then go for it!


Twice a year Armour College of Engineering holds a proposal request period for engineering students, engineering student groups, or engineering student organizations who would like to request funding for projects that will positively impact the Illinois Tech and Armour College community. Check back this Fall for another opportunity.

Proposals must contain the following information:

Section 1: Student/Group Information (one page)

  • Name of student/group/organization.
  • IIT financial account number assigned to your group (if applicable).
  • If a group, but not a registered organization, how did your group form? What assurance do we have that your group will remain intact and active for the duration of the project?
  • Contact information for all project members, with proposal point person and a media contact indicated
  • Faculty advisor or other sources of advisory support.
  • Summarize any outreach or Armour College of Engineering support your group has provided (e.g., high school outreach, participation in Armour College of Engineering Alumni events)

Section 2: Project Information (two pages maximum)

  • Briefly summarize the project you are proposing
  • What is the benefit of this project to the project team (e.g., career goals, job search, graduate school, entrepreneurial activities)?
  • What is the benefit of this project to the Armour College of Engineering, IIT, and the broader IIT community? Be specific, and include information on how you will engage other students in the outcome of your project and bring back to the Armour/IIT community.
  • Include a brief schedule for your project including the completion date (no more than half a page

 Section 3: Project Funding (two pages maximum)

  • Specify the dollar amount you are requesting with an itemized breakdown (no more than one page)
  • Describe your fundraising efforts to date and future plans
    • Requested from the Armour College of Engineering
    • Secured from other sources
    • Requested from other sources
    • Planned activities to raise additional funds
  • Have you previously been funded by the Armour College of Engineering? Please specify the activity/amount funded
  • If you were previously funded by the Armour College of Engineering under this program, please also attach the final report you submitted for your previous funding
All proposals will be reviewed by the Armour College of Engineering Distinctive Education Council. Funding will be granted on the basis of its possible significance within the Illinois Tech/Armour College Community.


All proposals should be sent in PDF format by the assigned deadline with the Subject: Student Funding Program to All PDF files should be named with the student group, organization or student name.

Funding Awards

Award announcements will be made on TBA for Fall 2018. Activities must be executed and funds must be used anytime before TBA for Fall 2018.

Funding Requirements

Supported projects are required to provide a closing report and be available for interviews and photos to promote the effort. More details on these requirements will be provided in the letter of acceptance.