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The mission of the ECE Department at IIT is to achieve continued excellence in the interrelated areas of undergraduate education, graduate education, research, and public service.

In pursuit of this mission, the ECE Department will enhance its existing goals to educate students to their highest potential of intellectual achievement and personal growth; to develop scholars, professionals, and scientists who contribute to the advancement of their respective societies nationally and internationally; to promote faculty scholarship and conduct research for advancing the frontiers of knowledge; and to engage in alumni relations, industrial partnership, and public service.


  • Recruit, nurture, and retain outstanding domestic students and participate aggressively in international graduate recruitment initiatives.
  • Recruit additional outstanding faculty in growing areas of education and research within the ECE Department. We believe the outstanding faculty will draw in the best graduate students, thus increasing our quality, visibility, and desirability as a place to study electrical and computer engineering.
  • Promote best teaching practices in the ECE Department through merit reviews, promotion/ tenure process, and graduate student support.
  • Expand and refurbish undergraduate teaching labs. It is essential to modernize the ECE labs with new equipment for accommodating state-of- the-art laboratory experiments.
  • Enrich the ECE faculty's professional development, scholarship activities, and research labs. We intend to develop and maintain a forward-looking infrastructure commensurate with the ECE Department's academic and research goals.