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ECE Research Seminar Series - Logic Encryption: From Theory to Design

Event Date 

November 17, 2017 - 11:00am to 12:00pm


SH 118 (Siegel Hall)
3301 South Dearborn
Chicago, IL 60616



The Electrical and Computer Engineering department will be hosting a seminar featuring Dr.  Hai Zhou, Associate Professor at Northwestern University. The topic of the seminar will be Logic Encryption: From Theory to Design.


With increasing design cost and complexity of VLSI systems, security against IP piracy,fab overproduction and Trojan insertion, encryption has become an important request. LogicEncryption, a technique to use key input to lock a given circuit, is at the center of promising solutions to these problems.

In his talk talk, Dr. Zhou is going to introduce Logic Encryption, its applications in hardwaresecurity, and the vulnerability of existing solutions. He will also present a solidtheory and efficient design to solve logic encryption thoroughly and completely. He mayalso talk about some non-traditional encryptions including cyclic logic encryptions.

Speakers Biography

Hai Zhou is an associate professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science atNorthwestern University. He has served on TPC of all EDA conferences, and beenon the editorial boards of ACM TODAES, IEEE Trans. on VLSI Systems, andIntegration, the VLSI journal. He was a recipient of a CAREER Award from the NationalScience Foundation. His research interests include hardware security, VLSI computer-aided design, algorithm design, and formal methods.

Note: If you need more information regarding this seminar, please contact Dr. Jia Wang in ECE, Illinois Tech. Phone: 7-3696, Email: