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Is it safe to fly? A metallurgist’s perspective...

Event Date 

November 13, 2018 - 12:40pm to 1:50pm


Perlstein Hall Auditorium
10 W. 33rd St. 
Chicago, IL 60616


Armour College of Engineering Professor of Materials Engineering, Sammy Tin, will be giving a Security Engineering Themes Lecture on "Is it safe to fly? A metallurgist’s perspective...". 

Over 80% of all engineering structures fail due to fatigue damage resulting from cyclic loading and unloading.  In the transportation and aviation sectors, understanding fatigue and being able to predict when structures will become susceptible to fatigue failures is incredibly important.  In terms of design, the characteristic fatigue behavior of the material/component often dictates the maintenance intervals and the useful service life of the structure.  Over the years, new characterization tools and models have been developed to help engineers better understand the physics of fatigue crack nucleation and growth.  This has led to the development of engineering solutions that can be applied to enhance to resistance of the structure/material to fatigue and reliably extend the life of the structure.  This talk will highlight and discuss some of the advanced manufacturing techniques and materials that are commonly used to ensure the safety of aerospace travel.

Earn Engineering Themes Credit in Security for attending.

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