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CAEE Department to Host Seminar on Occurrence and Treatment Efficiency of Pharmaceuticals in Landfill Leachates by Professor Huan-Jung Fan

Event Date 

October 18, 2018 - 3:15pm to 4:30pm


Illinois Institute of Technology
Perlstein Hall
Room 131
10 West 33rd Street
Chicago, IL 60616


Professor Huan-Jung Fan is a professor in the Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering at Hungkuang University, Taiwan, ROC. Professor Fan also previously served as Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of Research and Development and Chairman of Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering and at Hungkuang University. He has received several Hungkuang University’s Excellent Awards in both teaching and research. He received his PhD degree in Environmental Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, USA.


Landfill leachates might contain pharmaceuticals due to the expired or unwanted drugs were disposed of at landfills. Landfill leachate treatment plants could not remove most of the pharmaceuticals effectively. These pharmaceuticals might pose a significant threat to soil and groundwater. This talk will introduce environmental challenges in Taiwan, the physical and chemical compositions of municipal solid wastes (MSW), characteristics and toxicity of landfill leachates, occurrence and treatment efficiency of pharmaceuticals in landfill leachates.