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ECE Day Seminar

Event Date 

April 12, 2019 - 3:30pm to 4:15pm


Siegel Hall Auditorium
3301 S. Dearborn St. 
Chicago, IL 60616


The ECE Department is honored to have PhD Alum Dr. David Hentrich as our Guest Speaker for the ECE DAY Seminar.  Dr. Hentrich has prepared a presentation of his personal education story titled, "A Journey and Lessons-Learned Through a Ph.D. Program at IIT."


This is the story of a working student’s Ph.D. academic career through the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of IIT culminating in a significant contribution to the field of Polymorphic Computing (the field of changing the hardware around the software). The attendee will learn how to walk the same industry/academic path and what lessons were learned along the way. In particular, the formal IIT academic path, publications, funding, and life habits will be covered. Additionally, a brief glimpse into David Hentrich’s ongoing research into Polymorphic Computing will be given.


David Hentrich is a multi-discipline engineer that has worked in industry his entire career. He has worked in both the aerospace and the automotive worlds in both digital hardware and software roles. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Dayton in 1993. He received dual masters degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from IIT in 2007. He received his PhD in Computer Engineering from IIT in 2018. Prof. Erdal Oruklu and Prof. Jafar Saniie supervised David’s academic journey through both his masters and PhD studies. David’s research interests include polymorphic computing, computer Instruction set design, computer architecture simulations, high performance computing, machine learning, memory design, digital electronics, and embedded software. David is married to fellow software engineer, Myong Chung (for 19 years!) She supported him throughout his academic journey. David and Myong have one son together who is completing his junior year at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire.

This presentation is open to all. At the end of the seminar we will be presenting the awards for the ECE Day Poster Competition with a reception in Siegel Hall Lobby to follow. Please join us.