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Participant Selection for Large- Scale Mobile Crowdsending System

Event Date 

February 15, 2019 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm


Siegel Hall, Room 118
3301 South Dearborn
Chicago, IL 60616


With rapid increase in smart phones and big advancements in their embedded sensing technologies, mobile crowd sensing (MCS) becomes an emerging sensing paradigm for performing large-scale sensing tasks. One of the key challenges of large-scale MCS systems is how to effectively select appropriate participants from a huge user pool to perform various sensing tasks while satisfying certain constraints. This challenge becomes more complex when the capabilities of individual participants are diverse and unknown to the platform, or participants are concerned about their privacy. In this talk, I will briefly discuss some recent results from my research group, aiming to address these challenges. First, in order to handle the multi-expertise of participants, we introduce a self-learning architecture which leverages the historical performing records of participants to learn different capabilities (both sensing probability and time delay) of participants. Formulating the participant selection problem as a combinational multi-armed bandit problem, we propose an online participant selection algorithm with both performance guarantee and bounded regret. Second, we investigate how to protect bid privacy in a temporally and spatially dynamic auction-based MCS system. We carefully design a scalable grouping based privacy-preserving participant selection scheme, which places participants into small groups to satisfy their privacy requirements and leverages Lagrange polynomial interpolation to perturb participants' bids for secure in-group bidding. Both theoretical analysis and real-life tracing data simulations verify the efficiency and security of the proposed solutions. Finally, I will conclude the talk with a lookout on future directions

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