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Carrie M. Hall, Ph.D.

Carrie Hall
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Materials and Aerospace Engineering









Ph.D. Engineering, Purdue University, 2012
M.S. Engineering, Purdue University, 2010
B.S. Engineering Science, Bob Jones University, 2008


Controls and combustion


Modeling and control of advanced internal combustion engines; development of clean and efficient utilization of alternative fuels.


MMAE Excellence in Teaching Award, Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering Department, Illinois Institute of Technology (2018)

NSF CAREER Award: Control of Advanced Fuel-Flexible Multi-Cylinder Engines. Sponsor: National Science Foundation, award CMMI 1553823, $500,000 (03/01/2016--02/28/2021). Carrie Hall (PI)

Best Presentation Award for Session on Modeling and Estimation in Automotive Powertrain Systems, American Controls Conference (2012)

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (2010-2012)

Ward A. Lambert Teaching Fellowship (2012)

Chateaubriand Fellowship (2011)

Laura Winkleman Davidson Fellowship for Doctoral Studies (2008-2010)


Provisional Patent: Methods for Controlling Combustion of Blended Biofuels, Application Number: 61/291,383, Provisional Filing date: 12/31/2009, Gregory Shaver, David Snyder, Carrie Hall, Gayatri Adi, and Michael Bunce, Full application filed: 12/31/2011.

Professional Society Memberships 


Carrie M. Hall, Dan Van Alstine, Lyle Kocher, and Gregory M. Shaver, “Closed Loop Combustion Control of Biodiesel/Diesel Blends in Premixed Operating Conditions Enabled Via High Exhaust Gas Recirculation Rates”, Journal of Automobile Engineering, published online June 2013.

Carrie M. Hall, Gayatri H. Adi, Gregory M. Shaver, and Bernard Tao, “A Robust Fuel Flexible Combustion Control Strategy for Biodiesel with Variable Fatty Acid Composition During Mixing Controlled Combustion”, International Journal of Engine Research, published online December 2012.

Carrie M. Hall, Gregory M. Shaver, Jonathan Chauvin, and Nicolas Petit, “Control-Oriented Modeling of Combustion Phasing for a Fuel-Flexible Spark-Ignited Engine with Variable Valve Timing”, International Journal of Engine Research, Vol. 13, No. 5 (2012) pp. 448-463.

David Snyder, Gayatri Adi, Carrie Hall, and Gregory M. Shaver, “Control Variable Based Accommodation of Biodiesel Blends”, International Journal of Engine Research, Vol. 12, No. 6 (2011) pp. 564-579.

Michael Bunce, David Snyder, Gayatri Adi, Carrie Hall, Jeremy Koehler, Bernie Davila, Shankar Kumar, Phanindra Garimella, Don Stanton, and Greg Shaver, “Optimization of Soy-Biodiesel Combustion in a Modern Diesel Engine”, Fuel, Vol. 90, No. 8 (2011) pp. 2560-2570.

Michael Bunce, David Snyder, Gayatri Adi, Carrie Hall, Jeremy Koehler, Bernie Davila, Shankar Kumar, Phanindra Garimella, Don Stanton, and Greg Shaver, “Stock and Optimal Performance and Emissions with 5 and 20 % Soy-Biodiesel Blends in a Modern Common Rail Turbo-Diesel Engine”, Energy and Fuels, Vol. 24, No. 2 (2010) pp. 928-939.

Gayatri Adi, Carrie Hall, David Snyder, Michael Bunce, Christopher Satkoski, Shankar Kumar, Phanindra Garimella, Donald Stanton, and Gregory Shaver, “Soy-Biodiesel Impact on NOx Emissions and Fuel Economy for Diffusion Dominated Combustion in a Turbo-Diesel Engine Incorporating EGR and Common Rail Fuel Injection”, Energy and Fuels, Vol. 23, No. 12 (2009) pp. 5821-5829.