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Sudhakar E. Nair Ph.D.

Sudhakar E. Nair
Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Professor of Applied Mathematics









Ph.D. Applied Mechanics, University of California, San-Diego, 1974
M.E. Aeronautics, Indian Institute of Science, India, 1969
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, University of Kerala, India, 1967


Solid mechanics, applied mathematics


Analysis of elastic and inelastic structures, micro-mechanics of composites, wave propagation in anisotropic materials, moving boundary problems of the Stefan type, dynamics of cables


Junior Fellow, National Aero. Lab of India

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Mechanics of Aero-structures, Cambridge University Press, 2015.

Advanced Topics in Applied Mathematics, Cambridge University Press, 2011.

Introduction to Continuum Mechanics, Cambridge University Press, 2009.

Professional Society Memberships 


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