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Materials Science and Engineering Program at IIT

Launching your career
Launching your career to a new high!

Facts about Materials Science and Engineering Program at IIT

  • Award-winning faculty teaching B.S., M.S., M.E., and Ph.D. degree programs for more than 60 years
  • Student-centered curriculum with a range of technical elective courses that you can choose from based on your interests
  • Option for dual degrees (MSE/AE or MSE/ME) and various minors
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Co-terminal degrees (B.S. + M.E.) in 5 years
  • Small lab sections and hands-on training using advanced materials testing and characterization equipment
  • Opportunities for internships and co-op experiences
  • Finkl undergraduate scholarships
  • Undergraduate fellowships and scholarships through ASM and Material Advantage
  • Interprofessional (IPRO) projects in working with students of different disciplines to achieve a common business or engineering objective 

What Do Materials Engineers Do?

Materials engineers produce new and better materials that will revolutionize our work and lives. Careers in materials engineering are exciting and rewarding, with many opportunities in a wide range of industries and research laboratories. Examples of the materials produced by materials engineers are:

  • Energy materials for solar cells, fuel cells, and batteries
  • Electronic materials for computer chips, integrated circuits, transistors, and cellular phones
  • Structural materials for airplanes, automobiles, and sports equipment
  • Smart materials for sensors, actuators, transducers, and microphones
  • Biological materials for prosthetic teeth, bones, and joints
  • Optical materials for high-speed internet signal transmission and medical instruments
  • Magnetic materials for floppy disks, VCRs, computer hard disks, and computer memories

Materials engineers typically enjoy high starting salaries with rapid professional advancement. Current average starting salaries for materials engineers are $65K/year for B.S. graduates, and the mean annual salary for all materials engineers is $91K/year.

Salary statistics

Who Hired Our Graduates?

    • Alcoa – Howmet
    • Apple Computer
    • Argonne National Laboratory
    • Boeing
    • Caterpillar
    • CNH Industrial
    • Fermi National Laboratory
    • Finkl and Sons
    • Ford Motor Company
    • General Electric
    • Honeywell
    • Lego
    • Microsoft
    • Motorola
    • Naval Research Laboratory
    • Navistar
    • Nucor Steel
    • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    • Questek Innovations
    • US Steel
    • Weber-Stephen Products
    • Graduate studies at Northwestern University,
      UIUC, Ohio State University, Purdue University,
      Carnegie Mellon University, University of Florida,
      Pennsylvania State University, etc.

    Our more than one thousand alumni are now engineers, managers, researchers, academics, and even Presidents at large and small companies and government organizations.

    Award-winning Faculty

    Our faculty are among the very best in their fields. They are leaders who enjoy international reputation for their scientific contributions. Many are fellows of major professional societies, hold editorial responsibilities with prestigious journals, have won national and international awards, and are widely published and cited.

    • Wei Chen, Assistant Professor, computational materials science and engineering
    • Alan W. Cramb, Professor and President of IIT, solidification and casting
    • John S. Kallend, Professor, Emeritus, X-ray diffraction and crystallography
    • Sheldon Mostovoy, Associate Professor, Emeritus, mechanical properties and fatigue
    • Sudhakar E. Nair, Professor, Solid mechanics and micro-mechanics of composites
    • Philip G. Nash, Charles and Lee Finkl Professor of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, physical metallurgy and thermal processing
    • Aleksandar G. Ostrogorsky, Professor, crystal growth, heat and mass transfer, solidification
    • Leon L. Shaw, Rowe Family Chair Professor in Sustainable Energy, materials synthesis and processing, batteries and hydrogen storage materials
    • Ankit Srivastava, Assistant Professor, wave propagation, metamaterials and micromechanics
    • Sammy Tin, Professor, high temperature materials, mechanical behavior, thermo-mechanical processing
    • Murat Vural, Associate Professor, porous materials, dynamics response and constitutive modeling of materials

    State-of-the-Art Facilities

    Students of the IIT Materials Science and Engineering program use some of the finest facilities in the world for their lab courses and interprofessional projects (IPRO). Highlighted below are several of our state-of-the-art labs, apparatus and facilities.

    Battery fabrication station     Battery fabrication station
          Battery fabrication station     Gleeble thermomechanical device

    Scanning electron microscopy     Mechanical testing machines
    Scanning electron microscopy            Mechanical testing machines

    X-ray diffractometer     3D additive manufacturing machines
                  X-ray diffractometer           3D additive manufacturing machines

    Creep testers      NanoTest
    Creep testers                                          NanoTest