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Materials Science & Engineering

Research in Materials Science and Engineering is focused on materials processing, mechanical properties, and alloy development. Experimental research studies benefit from very well equipped laboratories with some unique capabilities. Modeling and simulation of materials processing and alloy thermodynamics forms a second thrust of activities. Many of the research programs are sponsored by the Thermal Processing Technology Center, which undertakes research to support the needs of the materials processing and manufacturing industries. The Center performs high quality basic and applied research in thermal processing technology of interest to the primary metals and manufacturing industry. Multi-disciplinary research teams are used to provide innovative, crosscutting technological solutions to industrial materials processing problems.

Wei Chen
Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Expertise: Computational materials science, density functional theory, materials informatics

Alan W. Cramb
President, Illinois Institute of Technology and Professor of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Expertise: Initial solidification behavior of steels; solidification behavior of liquid oxides; effect of inclusion chemistry on solidification behavior; clean steel production; initial solidification phenomena in a continuous casting mold

Sheldon Mostovoy
Associate Professor of Materials Engineering
Expertise: Metallurgy; mechanical properties of materials; fatigue and fracture

Philip G. Nash
Professor of Materials Engineering; Director of Thermal Processing Technology Center
Expertise: Physical metallurgy of Ni, Ti and Al-base alloys; experimental determination and theoretical calculation of phase equilibria; phase transformations; powder materials technology; metastable equilibria; intermetallics; materials processing; additive manufacturing; functional materials; nanocrystalline materials
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Aleksandar Ostrogorsky
Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Expertise: Heat and mass transfer phenomena occurring in materials processing; directional solidification/single crystal growth focusing on semiconductor alloys; wide band gap materials for Gamma ray detectors (semiconductors and scintillators); diffusion; growth of carbon nanotubes

Leon L. Shaw
Professor of Materials Engineering; Rowe Family Endowed Chair Professor in Sustainable Energy
Expertise: Advanced materials synthesis and processing; solid freeform fabrication; hydrogen storage materials; electrochemical capacitors; Li- and Na-ion batteries; redox flow batteries; solid oxide fuel cells

Sammy Tin
Professor of Materials Engineering
Expertise: Solidification; Thermo-mechanical processing; mechanical behavior; corrosion and microstructural characterization of Ni-base superalloys and other high performance structural materials systems
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Heng Wang
Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Expertise: Thermoelectrics, semiconductor physics, charge and heat transport