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Armour Engineering Students Among Campus 1871 Top Winners

Over the weekend, students from Armour College of Engineering partnered with students from Northwestern, University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois ready to work, learn, meet new people, and pitch awesome business ideas at Campus 1871.

Overall, 18 students from IIT and 3 from Armour College of Engineering participated in the highly selective event. Two Electrical and Computer Engineering students from Armour, Alex Wall and Elmar Okanovic were a members of the 2nd place team, Fizz App. Another Armour Engineering student, Arturo Veiga Lopez (MMAE) also competed in the with his team, Clarity Clock.

Student participants hailed from 1871’s four partners universities (IIT, Northwestern, University of Illinois, and University of Chicago), and represented a diverse set of skills (hackers, hustlers, hipsters). It was also an ethnically and gender diverse group with several countries of origin represented (Niger, China, France, Spain, India, Portugal, Greece).

FizzApp [Second place]
FizzApp helps take the bottlenecks out of bar operations (and no, they aren’t talking about the beers). Bars struggle to keep up with peak demand, and consumers are frustrated with unreasonable wait times at popular venues. FizzApp streamlines both the bartender and the consumer’s experience by optimizing drink prep, and taking care of the payment processing. Thus, reducing wait times and increasing output.

Clarity Clock
What if you could get the first cup of coffee into your system before you wake up? With a desire to kick-off on a crowdfunding platform, this team would revolutionize the way people consume caffeine. Instead of pouring yourself a cup, the Clarity Clock would spray vaporized caffeine in your face when it was time for you to wake up.