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Build a Robot for NASA’s 5th Annual RASC-AL Exploration Robo-Ops Competition

NASA’s 5th Annual RASC-AL Exploration Robo-Ops Competition is the perfect opportunity for anyone who has ever dreamed about designing and building a robotic rover that one day might discover life on another planet, or a new mineral on an asteroid whizzing through space.<

In this exciting competition, undergraduate and graduate students are invited to create a multi-disciplinary team to build a planetary rover prototype and demonstrate its capabilities to perform a series of competitive tasks in field tests at the NASA Johnson Space Center’s Rock Yard in June 2015.

Teams participating in the competition will be required to submit a written final report, build an actual rover, and demonstrate the rover's capabilities during the 2015 RASC-AL Robo-Ops Competition. Scoring is based on the ability to perform the tasks, along with adherence to requirements and time. Winning teams will receive cash prizes.

Act Quickly! Teams must submit an online Notice of Intent by September 19, 2014 and submit project plans for their rover concepts by October 10, 2014.

For more information click HERE.