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Winners Announced for Fall 2014 Armour R&D Expo

On December 4, 2014 24 Armour College of Engineering Undergraduate students gathered to present at the Fall 2014 Armour R&D Expo. The students presented the results of work they have completed over the fall semester as part of the Armour R&D program.

Armour R&D is part of the Armour College of Engineering Distinctive Education Program and promotes the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst our undergraduate engineering students. Armour R&D consists of two programs, PURE and MIND. Students selected to participate in PURE (Program for Undergraduate Research Education) had the opportunity to gain valuable research experience working with an IIT Faculty member. Those selected under the Mentored INovation and Development (MIND) program developed new technology based on research findings.

Winners were selected by a panel of judges that included Faculty members as well as Ph.D. students from all engineering departments. The judges rated projects based on context, clarity and overall visual presentation, with a possible high score of 30. One presenter was awarded the highest rank overall with three awards going to presenters with the next highest scores.

Fall 2014 Winners

The team of Joaquin Lares (ME, 4th year) and Matthew Spenko, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, received the Highest Rank Overall with a score of 28.34 for their project, Vehicle-Terrain Interaction. The team, who were the runners up in the Summer 2014 Armour R&D Expo, continued the Security Themed project from Summer 2014 semester.

The team of Cameron Ketchmark (EE, 4th year) and Joohee Kim, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the second highest scoring team, received a score of 27.67 for their project, Improving Feature Descriptors for Pedestrian Detection. This was the first semester the team worked on the project.

The team of Yanxin Li (ChE, 3rd year) and Vijay Ramani, Hyosung S. R. Cho Endowed Chair Professor of Chemical Engineering, the third highest scoring team, earned a score of 27.34 for their project, Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Catalyst for Solid-State Alkaline Water Electrolysis. This was the first semester the team worked on the Energy Themed project.

The team of Isabel Arias (BME, 2nd year) and Eric Brey, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, the fourth highest scoring team, received a score of 27.167 for their project, Role of Growth Media Variation in the Formation of Mineralized Tissue In VitroThis was the first semester the team worked on the Health Themed project.

Student Presenting During Fall 2014 Armour R&D Expo