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Study Abroad for MMAE Students

There is an exciting opportunity for MMAE students to study abroad, in English:

1. ICAI Comillas SAPIENS Program

Hosted by Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid, Spain, ICAI-SAPIENS is a program designed for engineering students interested in getting international experience without missing technical courses required for graduation with their classes. The program is offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer for sophomores, and engineering courses are taught in English. SAPIENS is a part of the student exchange program, so no academic fees apply. For more details, refer to the program flyer and visit the program web-site:

2. Global Engineering Education Exchange Program

The Global E3 Program is a consortium-based exchange program for undergraduate engineering students to study abroad and carry out internships worldwide, all while continuing to pay tuition at home. With members in over 20 countries, students at Global E3 member institutions can choose to study abroad at international institutions for a single semester or for an academic year. The Global E3 Program exchanges 250-300 students a year. For more details, visit the program web-site:

3. GEA Summer Aviation Program

It is a full comprehensive 6-week academic program offered from June 3rd to July 12th, 2019, in France. Aiming at providing participants with the big picture of aeronautics and aviation disciplines, the syllabus includes a series of lectures/workshops, technical visits to industrial sites, and cultural events. For the 2019 edition, participants will have the opportunity to visit the Paris Air Show and enjoy live flight displays. The program is tailored for Junior and Senior undergraduate students with a solid scientific background who are enrolled in aerospace, mechanical, mecatronics engineering curricula. For more details, refer to the program flyer and visit the program web-site: