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Summer 2018 Research Immersion

Undergraduate students from across the country and outside the US spent their summer at Illinois Tech immersed in faculty-mentored engineering research. This is the fourth year of the Armour R&D Summer Research Immersion Program, which was created to provide students with hands-on engineering experience during their undergraduate studies, and to encourage students to consider future careers in research. 

The immersion projects covered a diverse range of engineering topics, such as: Cancer Molecular Imaging, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or Drones) and Construction, Virtual Design Construction, and Dual Fuel Advanced Engine Dynamics. Chemical Engineering student Jovany Soto “felt he was able to communicate his ideas and be part of something big that can impact humanity.” Students participated in on-going research in faculty laboratories or as part of student teams researching solutions for specific topics of engineering significance. Michael Desch, Architectural Engineering students, participated in a team researching, New Trends in Earthquake Engineering, Structural Behavior, and Forensics “[We had] clear objectives set at the beginning, and we were given total freedom to complete those objectives. The environment helped foster teamwork and academic collaboration”. 

The Summer Research Immersion Program couples faculty mentored research with weekly seminars and a culminating Research Poster Expo in which students presented their research findings to other students, faculty, and the greater IIT community. Nearly 800 students have participated in the program since its inception. Many of those students have gone on to publish in research journals and pursue graduate degrees. 

The Armour College faculty is gearing up for another summer full of research. Be on the look out for more Armour R&D Summer Research Opportunities. Updates to class listing and research offerings will be posted on the Armour College website.