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BS Civil Engineering - ME Geotechnical Engineering

Semesters 1 through 8 are identical to those of the BSCE curriculum in the Undergraduate Bulletin, except that the 9 credit hours of undergraduate technical electives in Semesters 7 and 8 are 400 or 500-level geotechnical engineering courses.

Semester 9


CAE 562 Engineering Behavior of Soils 3
CAE 563 Advanced Soil Mechanics Laboratory 3
CAE 564 Design of Foundation, Emb & Earth Structure 3
Technical Elective (400 or 500-level GE course) 3
Total 12

Semester 10


CAE 565 Structural Design II 4
CAE 566 Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering 4
Technical Elective (400 or 500-level GE course) 3
Total 11

The 6 credit hours of graduate technical electives in Semesters 9 and 10 are selected from the following list of GE courses:

CAE 486 Soil and Site Improvement
CAE 565 Rock Mechanics and Tunneling
CAE 566 Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics
CAE 567 Physiochemical Behavior of Soils
CAE 590 Geotechnical Landfill Design and Maintenance
CAE 597 Special problems
or any other 400 or 500-level courses with consent of the advisor.