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BS Engineering Management - Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Semesters 1 through 6 are identical to those of the BS - Engineering Management (BSEMGT) curriculum outlined in the Undergraduate Bulletin, except that 6 credit hours of free electives and 3 credit hours of technical electives are taken from the following courses: EMGT 470 Project Management, EMGT 406 Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Management, and ECON 423 Economic Analysis of Capital Investments. Please note: EMGT 406 and ECON 423 cannot be used as shared courses if they are being used to fulfill core entrepreneurship requirements.

MPA Admission Requirements

Application to and acceptance into the MPA Program will be open to students who have attained at least junior standing in the BSEMGT program. Admission to the program requires an entering 3.0 grade point average. Students are also required to submit a resume with their application.

Semester 9


Semester 7


Engineering Management Elective 3 3
Technical Elective 1 3
Technical Elective 2 3
Core Engineering Class 3
Free Elective 1 3
PA 501 Essentials for Public Management in a Complex Society 3
Total 18

Semester 8


Free Elective 2 or MPA Elective 3
Core Engineering class of MPA Elective 3
Humanities/Social Science Elective 3
PA 502 Leading/Managing Organizations 3
PA 568 Strategic Competitiveness in the Public Sector 3
Total 15
Technical Elective 3 3
Humanities/ Social Science Elective 3
PA 580 Policy Evaluation Analytics 3
PA 532 Managing Public Financial Resources 3
Total 12

Semester 10


Engineering Management Elective 4 3
PA 522 Effective Management of Human Resources 3
PA 581 Policy Design Analytics 3
PA 599 Integrative Practicum 3
Total 12