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Graduate Certificate in Architectural Engineering

The Architectural Engineering certificate program provides additional education in architectural building systems engineering, primarily for professionals in the building engineering fields.

Required courses

CAE 513 Building Science

Choose three from the following

CAE 464 HVAC Design
CAE 515 Building Energy Modeling
CAE 524 Design of Building Enclosures
CAE 526 Energy Conservation Design in Buildings
CAE 550 Applied Building Energy Modeling
CAE 556 Net Zero Energy Home Design Competition I
CAE 557 Net Zero Energy Home Design Competition II

Construction Management

Choose four from the following

CAE 470 Construction Methods and Cost Estimating
CAE 471 Construction Planning and Scheduling
CAE 472 Construction Site Operation
CAE 473 Construction Project Administration
CAE 570 Legal Issues in Civil Engineering
CAE 571 Advanced Construction Scheduling and Control
CAE 572 Construction Cost Accounting and Control
CAE 573 Computer Applications in Construction Management
CAE 574 Economic Decision Analysis in Civil Engineering
CAE 575 Systems Analysis in Civil Engineering
CAE 577 Construction Equipment Management

Gainful Employment Disclosure