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Graduate Certificate in Power Electronics

This program provides power engineers with a solid foundation in the design and analysis of largwe-scale power systems and state-of-the-art power conversion systems, including power systems control, power electronics, motor drives, design of fault-tolerant systems, power markets, and fundamentals of power system operation and planning.


Course List
Required Courses (6-8)
Select a minimum of two courses from the following: 6-8
Power Electronics 4
Electric Motor Drives 4
Power System Analysis 3
Power Systems Analysis with Laboratory 4
Analytical Methods in Power Systems 3
Elective Courses (9)
Select a minimum of three courses from the following: 9
Power Distribution Engineering 3
Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices 3
Robust Control 3
Renewable Energies 3
Computer Aided Design of Electric Machines 3
Reliability Theory and System Implementation 3
Energy Harvesting 3
Motion Control Systems Dynamics 3
Power Electronic Dynamics and Control 3
Advanced Power Electronics 3
Adjustable Speed Drives 3
Power System Planning 3
Power System Relaying 3
Power Market Operations 3
Power Market Economics and Security 3
Fault-Tolerant Power Systems 3
Power System Reliability 3
High Voltage Power Transmission 3
Power Systems Dynamics and Stability 3
Deregulated Power Systems 3
Power System Transaction Management 3
Computational Intelligence in Engineering 3
Control and Operation of Electric Power Systems 3
Operations and Planning and Distributed Power Grid 3
Elements of Sustainable Energy 3
Elements of Smart Grid 3
Microgrid Design and Operation 3
Total Credit Hours 15-17