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Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering with E3 Specialization

84 credit hours
Qualifying exam
Comprehensive exam
Dissertation and oral defense

Students interested in the Ph.D. program in chemical engineering are required to take at least 84 credit hours beyond the B.S. degree requirements, including required chemical engineering core courses for Ph.D. in chemical engineering, CHE 543, and at least five E3 courses (from Groups A and/or B). Registration for approximately 32 hours of Ph.D. thesis research in E3 areas of study is also required.

Candidates must pass written qualifying and comprehensive examinations and must defend their thesis in an oral examination. The Ph.D. committee for E3 students must include at least one professor with specialization in an energy and sustainability area from outside the student’s department.

The students are also encouraged to register or attend the interdisciplinary graduate seminar (CHE 593) or general seminars offered in energy and/or sustainability areas by WISER.