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Master of Biological Engineering

The objective of this degree program is to prepare students for professional practice in any field of engineering involving heavy emphasis on biological processes, and to provide a foundation in the fundamental knowledge of biological engineering.

A thesis is not required for this program. Candidates are required to take a total of 30 credits, 9 credits for core courses, 6 credits of required biology courses, 3 credits of a required professional course, and 11 credits of electives chosen from the list below.

Core Courses

CHE 406 Transport Phenomena
CHE 503 Thermodynamics
CHE 577 Bioprocess Engineering

Biology Requirement

BIOL 504 Biochemistry Lectures
BIOL 515 Molecular Biology (after completing BIOL 504)

Professional Requirement

CHE 506 Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Management


BME 533 Biostatistics
BME 570 Engineering Biocompatible Materials
CHE 580 Biomaterials
CHE 583 Pharmaceutical Engineering
CHE 584 Tissue Engineering/BME 525: Concepts of Tissue Engineering
CHE 585 Drug Delivery
CHE 597 Research Project
ENVE 513 Biotechnological Processes in Environmental Engineering
Any 500 level Food Process Engineering course

Other approved electives from CHE, CHEM, BME, BIOL