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Master of Chemical Engineering

The objective of this degree program is to prepare students for professional practice in the field of chemical engineering, and to provide a foundation in the fundamental knowledge of chemical engineering.

Candidates are required to take a total of 30 credits, 12 credits for core courses, 3 credits of a required professional course, and 15 credits of electives. A thesis is not required for this program; a project option is available.

Core Courses

CHE 406 Transport Phenomena
CHE 503 Thermodynamics
CHE 525 Chemical Reaction Engineering*

AND one of the following:

CHE 530 Advanced Process Control

CHE 535 Applications of Mathematics to Engineering or

*Note: Interested students can substitute, upon advisor consent, CHE 577: Bioprocess Engineering for CHE 525: Chemical Reaction Engineering.

Professional Requirement

CHE 506 Intellectual Property Management and Entrepreneurship