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Master of Engineering in Transportation Engineering

These master of engineering programs are course-only, professionally-oriented degree programs that permit a concentration in preparation for engineering practice. Admission requirements to these programs are the same as those for the master of science program. Candidates in these programs must complete a minimum of 32 credit hours, up to four of which may be a special project course—CAE 594, CAE 597, or ENVE 597. Up to 12 credit hours of 400-level undergraduate coursework (except CAE 431 and CAE 432) may be included in the master of engineering program with prior adviser approval. No thesis or comprehensive examination is required for completion of the degree. 

With a Master of Engineering in Transportation Engineering degree, a student will be a quali􀃒ed transportation planner, traffic engineer, and traffic safety engineer. Additionally, the student will be trained to understand and evaluate the socioeconomic impacts of transportation and infrastructure engineering projects.


Core Courses (12-13)
Select a minimum of four courses from the following with adviser consent: 12-13
CAE 523 Statistical Analysis Engg Data 3
CAE 543 Demand Models for Urban Trans 3
CAE 544 Urban Transportation Planning 4
CAE 546 Public Transportation Systems 3
CAE 548 Transportation Systems Mgnt 3
CAE 555 Transportation Systs Evaluatio 3
CAE 575 Systems Analysis in Civil Engg 3
MATH 525 Statistical Models and Methods 3
Project Course (1-3)
CAE 594 Research Problems 1-3
or CAE 597 Special Problems
General Electives (17-18)
Select 17-18 credit hours from the following: 17-18
CAE 416 Faclty Dsgn Trnsprtn Syst 3
CAE 417 Railroad Engineering & Design 3
CAE 419 Intro Transportation Engg/Dsgn 3
CAE 430 Probability Cncpt Ce Dsgn 3
CAE 508 Advanced Bridge Engineering 3
CAE 539 Intro to Geographic Info Systs 3
CAE 541 Pavement Evaluation&Management 3
CAE 545 Traffic Operations & Flow Thry 3
CAE 547 Advanced Traffic Engineering 3
CAE 549 Transportation Econ, Dev&Plcy 3
CAE 568 Transportation Asset Mgmt 3
CAE 574 Economic Decision Analysis 3
CAE 580 Intelligent Transport Systems 3
CAE 581 Algorithms in Transportation 3
MATH 522 Mathematical Modeling 3
MATH 542 Stochastic Processes 3
MATH 563 Mathematical Statistics 3
MATH 564 Applied Statistics 3
MATH 565 Monte Carlo Methods in Fin 3
MATH 571 Data Preparation and Analysis 3
MATH 574 Bayesian Computational Stats 3

                                                                                                         Minimum degree credits required: 32