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Undergraduate Certificate in Engineering Graphics and CAD Curriculum

Engineering graphics is an indispensable communication and design tool concerned with the graphical representation of designs and specifications for physical objects and data relationships used in engineering, science, business, and technical work. The graphic language, along with the symbolic and verbal languages, enables those engaged in technology to communicate effectively, making it possible for new ideas, designs, and developments to be transformed into useful consumer products. The well-trained engineer, scientist, or technician must be able to make correct graphical representations of engineering structures, designs, and data relationships, as well as possess an ability to express ideas quickly and accurately through the use of the graphic language.

Recognizing the need for drafters and designers with a strong background in special areas of graphics, the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering offers a Certificate in Engineering Graphics. This certificate, which is designed to prepare specialists in graphics for positions in business and industry, is only available to students enrolled in a degree program at Illinois Institute of Technology.

This certificate is only available to students enrolled in a degree program at the university and does not qualify for federal financial aid.

Students completing the specified courses with satisfactory grades will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Students must take:

Course List
An introductory Engineering Graphics and Design course 1 2-3
EG 305 Advanced Engr Graphic&Design 3
EG 306 Engr Descriptive Geometry 3
EG 405 Mechanical Dsgn Graphics 3
EG 406 Technical & Pictorial Illust 3
EG 419 Computer Graphics in Engnr 3
EG 430 Intro Building Info Modeling 3
Total Credit Hours 20-21

CAE 100 and CAE 101MMAE 232, or an equivalent introductory course.