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Summer Courses

Enhance your engineering experience by adding traditional engineering sections to your course load. View the list of courses offered this summer, and to search. When you are ready to register, login to and follow the standard procedure to register for courses. Make sure you select Summer 2018 as the term.

2018 Summer Courses

Subject: Civil & Architectural Engineering

Course Title Course Code
Thermal-Fluids Engineering I CAE 208
Thermal-Fluids Engineering II CAE 209
Mechanics of Structural Materials CAE 287
Structural Analysis I CAE 304
Intro to Geotechnical Engineering CAE 323
Sprinklers, Standpipes, Fire Pumps, Special Suppression
& Detection Systems
CAE 422
Fire Protection & Life Safety in Building Design CAE 425
Steel Design CAE 431
Concrete and Foundation Design CAE 432
Design of Masonry/Timber Structures CAE 436
Construction Contract Administration CAE 473
Advanced Reinforced Concrete CAE 518
Intro to Geographic Information Systems CAE 539
Prestressed Concrete CAE 551
Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics CAE 566
Construction Management with Building Information Modeling CAE 573
Construction Claims Management CAE 578
Construction Cost Accounting & Control TBD

SUBJECT: Engineering Graphics

Course Title Course Code
Engineering Graphics for Non-Engineers EG 225
Advanced Engineering Graphics for Non-Engineers EG 325
Mechanical Design Graphics EG 405
Technical & Pictorial Illustration EG 406
Computer Graphics in Engineering EG 419
Computer Graphics for Non-Engineers EG 425
Introduction to Building Information Modeling EG 430

SUBJECT: Environmental Engineering

Course Title Course Code
Design of Environmental Engineering Processes ENVE 561

SUBJECT: Chemical Engineering

Course Title Course Code
Material Energy Balances CHE 202
Fluid Mechanics CHE 301
Chemical & Biological Engineering Laboratory I CHE 317
Chemical & Biological Engineering Laboratory II CHE 418
Process Modeling/System Theory CHE 433
Thermodynamics II CHE 451
Chemical Process Simulation & Safety CHE 497
Computational Techniques in Engineering CHE 536
Renewable Energy Technologies CHE 541

SUBJECT: Electrical & Computer Engineering

Course Title Course Code
Circuit Analysis I ECE 211
Circuit Analysis II w/Lab ECE 213
Circuit Analysis II (no lab) ECE 216
Power Systems Analysis ECE 418
Power Systems Analysis w/Lab ECE 419
Control Systems ECE 438
Computer Organization & Design ECE 485
Analysis of Random Signals ECE 511
Digital Systms-on-Chip Design ECE 742
Digital Systms-on-Chip Design ECE 742
Digital Systms-on-Chip Design ECE 742

SUBJECT: Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Engineering

Course Title Course Code
Introduction to Mechanics MMAE 200
Mechanics of Solids MMAE 202
Advanced Mechanics of Solids MMAE 302
Dynamics MMAE 305
Fluid Mechanics MMAE 313
Thermodynamics MMAE 320
Applied Thermodynamics MMAE 321
Heat and Mass Transfer MMAE 323
Design of Machine Elements MMAE 332
Systems Analysis and Control MMAE 443
Computer-Aided Design MMAE 445